2001 Stretch Lincoln Town Car 

This vehicle seats 8 passengers comfortably and can handle 9 depending on body type. There are built in cupholders, 3 small (sixpack size) coolers and 2 ice buckets. Remember to bring your own ice if you need to keep things cold. If you are bringing your own cooler, smaller soft-sided ones work best. Don’t bring a huge plastic cooler with wheels, it will cut in to your legroom.  You are in control of your own music with a built in CD player/radio with USB connectivity. Please bring your own cable for plugging in your phone.

 1968 AQC Jetway 707

This rare and incredibly cool vehicle seats up to 12 passengers. It was originally built as an airport limousine so there is no partition between the passengers and the driver. There are 4 rows of front-facing seats.

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