The AQC Jetway 707 is a unique and very rare limousine. Manufactured by American Quality Coach between the years of 1968-1971 in Blytheville Arkansas, the Jetway 707 seats 12 passengers. The design of the vehicle is based on the Oldsmobile Toronado, the first front wheel drive vehicle built in America. The front wheel drive makes is ideal for a limousine because there is no center “hump” for the driveshaft that is necessary on all rear wheel drive vehicles. Automotive historians believe there were somewhere between 50-150 of these vehicles manufactured before the company went out of business in 1971. Worldwide there seems to be about 20 still in existence and ours is the only one in the greater Cincinnati area.

It is a unique ride for a unique experience. If you don’t like people stopping to stare and take photos while you ride or exit a vehicle, then this ride is not for you!

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