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We call it “Your Trivia” because it is a trivia quiz all about you. A custom built quiz that is built from the answers you provide to a simple, private, online questionnaire.

For the first time ever, anywhere, we now offer a hilarious, personal, interactive video quiz for you and your friends to take while riding in the limo. Here’s how it works, after making the reservation you will receive an email link to a private online questionnaire. The questionnaire can be answered by a designated host or by the guest of honor. It will take about 5 minutes to answer all the questions and you may choose the level of adult humor you prefer. From those answers we create a multiple choice quiz on video that will be played inside the limo while you are traveling to the next stop. The quiz will determine who knows you (or the guest of honor) the best. The winner will receive a $25 gift card from a wine shop or brewery that we visit. You may also include a short “welcome” and “thank you” video that we will put at the beginning and end of the quiz. We will even give you a copy of the complete video on a thumb drive that you can share with those would could not attend. Sound amazing? It is!

Each quiz has three different levels of Adult Content. You make the choice when you answer the questionnaire. In addition to the quiz you have the option of submitting two videos. These are simple, short videos that you can create on your own phone and send in via text or email. The first is a welcome video that will be played before the quiz. This is your chance to say how glad you are that everyone is joining for this special celebration. Make it as serious or funny as you like.

When it is all over we will give you a copy of the complete video on a USB thumb drive that you can keep and share.

This was truly a unique experience. The quiz was hilarious and this was birthday party none of us will forget.

A custom quiz that is created from your answers.


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