Cincinnati Wine Tour

Experience the latest in wine tasting technology on an innovative tour where you choose the tastings from over 70 different wines.

This tour has the largest selection of wine tastings, quite possibly, of any tour, anywhere. Red, or white, domestic or international, inexpensive or high-end, you choose the wine, amount and price. We visit 3 different wine bars that each feature self-service wine taps.  1, 2, 4, or 5-ounce samples are available. Do you want to know the difference between a $20 and $200 bottle of wine? Here is your chance to taste them side-by-side. 

The price of this tour can be as low as $40 per person and includes limousine transportation only. The price of the wine is up to you because you choose the tastings. We spend 1 hour at each location and pick up and drop off can be at a private residence.

Bring your own food

3 different wine shops

Now available weekday afternoons

3+ Hours

$300 for up to 8 people

Available 3:30 PM Fri, Sat, Sun. 

Details & More Info

Each shop has anywhere from 8 to 44 wines available at self-serve WineStation wine taps. Prices range from $1.50 an ounce to $5 -$7 an ounce. Here’s your chance to sample some high-end wines that you might not normally buy. Or maybe you prefer to sample a wider variety of less expensive wines. It’s your choice! At the wine shop you choose individual or group cards to use in the machines, load up some money on the card, slide it into the machine and start sipping.

 This limousine seats 8 comfortably, we will allow 9 passengers if you don’t mind squeezing a little. But 9 is the absolute maximum. This tour can be changed or customized but only in advance. Please email or call with such requests. Above all we want you to have fun!

Pick up Location Choices

Pick up and drop off locations are the Anderson Town Center, Big Ash Brewing, Rookwood Town Center or a private residence or restaurant in any of these zip codes, 45230, 45255, 45244, 45227, 45208, 45226, 45206, 45207, 45209.

Available Interactive Add-Ons
  • Birthday Quiz
  • Bachelorette/Bridal Quiz
  • NewlyWed/Soon-to-beWed
What to bring

Bring food. Pack an assortment of food that is easy to eat with your hands. Use smaller, soft-sided coolers that won’t take up leg room like a large cooler would.

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